In the digital world –
we must put the human in the centre

Many ask why the digital transformation takes so long. Technology development is running at breakneck speed with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Internet Of Things (IOT).


Why, then, doesn´t many companies get the effect that is expected?


One fundamental reason is that the Human as a variable is completely absent from the digital transformation equation. This is proven in a number of research papers, studies and is described in several articles that we are happy to discuss with you.

We founded Trivalo with a clear vision – to create business efficiency with Human, Process and IT in harmony. Increased data quality will give the best conditions to be able to reach full effect of the digitalization.




Summary of our first three weeks – Wow what a start!


Good response from the market


We have in a number of dialogues with companies that recently have started or have come a bit on the road in the digitalisation journey, where we have been confirmed that our conceptual thinking really meets the market's needs.
Some examples of customer quotes from our meetings.

"It's actually a fairly simple equation, but oh so difficult to implement",

"As a customer, you're looking for something more than just the perfect IT Solution"

"Oh, it was truths that really hurt"

"We have invested a lot in IT and technology, but we are far away of gain the full potential"


What is this about? Well, to begin, you have to create insight and knowledge in the company, from management to all employees. Everyone in the company needs to understand what it means to embrace digitalization with industry 4.0, AI etc., what efficiency can be achieved and how it would create a "better day at work" for everyone who works there?


The next step will be to connect the implementation with a business goal and then break down the Trinity (Human, Process and IT) different parts to see what you can improve first. Then it is important to put a plan for the exchange of skills and the development of the company.


Above is described very well by Karin Lindström and Terea Bell at IDG (see link below) that says:

 "So how do you think then? Well, it's a case of starting with a real business goal that you try to reach and then set up a holistic strategy for how to get there.

– How do you adapt your system solutions, your processes, your co-workers... "


Read the article in full.



At Trivalo, we have already had the privilege to form a Champions League starting team of employees who start in May and June, see more under Team Trivalo.

It is a group of incredibly driven and experienced people who all share the ambition with our concept and see the opportunity to give even more value to our customers. Together we create an innovative company where everyone takes great responsibility for ourselves and our customers ' future, while we have really fun!


We are so humble about this start, but we can also state that growth will go faster than we expected. We will continuously in 2018 need to add more skilled employees who are passionate about creating something new in the market. So, if you are interested in seeing what expertise and experience we have been working so far, read more under Team Trivalo.