Assure efficiency with industry 4.0
and understanding Industry 5.0


Most companies still work with strategies and execution plans to get a real effect of industry 4.0. Within Service and manufacturing companies, Industry 4.0 is very much about digitizing processes through automation/robotization and taking advantage of condition data through sensors.


This work will obviously last for many years to come, as surveys unfortunately show that only 20% of Nordic service and manufacturing companies have production solutions that have resulted in proven efficiency. The challenges have been proven (so far) to be organizational rather than technical.


No wonder that we are already beginning to mention industry 5.0 as the next (r)evolution. What is the big difference? In short, it is about Human. How to involve people in the best and most effective way to get use of all new revolutionary technologies.


A major challenge for service and manufacturing companies is the change of competence for existing personnel and the ability to secure the future by creating the right qualitative data that gives a better insight into the company.

New demands are placed on all employees, not least management.


At Trivalo, we see this as our mission to help companies with support over time, so you can change in competence of the internal staff at a realistic pace. In combination with the right processes and the creation of business data, we create good conditions for a more efficient business and thus secure future.


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