Trivalo acquires OEE Consultants

Trivalo acquires the Swedish company OEE Consultants as a step forward to strengthen the expertise in the service and manufacturing industry, and become the partner that helps their customers to create business efficiency in the best way.


OEE Consultants, led by the well-known industry profiles Leo Hagberg and Tomas Henriksson, have run companies together for 33 years. Since the beginning they have been focusing on developing service and maintenance organizations based on processes and people. Both Leo and Tomas are certified according to the norm European Expert in Maintenance Management and have proven reputation in the industry. They are also the authors of the book Underhåll i Världsklass (World-Class Maintenance), released in several different editions.


- It feels absolutely perfect that we can continue to offer our services and support both old and new customers in their business development.  Our extensive training program, in which we have certified nearly 400 maintenance managers and other specialists, can continue to evolve. Furthermore, we can continue to develop our concepts and offerings as a part of Trivalo, says Leo Hagberg and Tomas Henriksson.


- What is prominent for OEE Consultants is their deep business knowledge within the domain, says Mats Eliasson and Henrik Nyström at Trivalo. A competence that we see is highly demanded in the market and that also complements and strengthens our expertise. Based on many years of experience, an impressive toolbox has been developed to help customers achieve efficiency in their business. Trivalo was founded with a clear vision - to create business efficiency with Human, Process and IT in harmony. We have known Leo and Tomas for many years and we are convinced that their skills and training concepts will strengthen our offerings and objectives. We will continue to develop the concepts with focus on efficiency based on digitalisation, Mats and Henrik conclude.


As of May 2nd 2018, OEE Consultants is a part of Trivalo. Leo Hagberg and Tomas Henriksson become a natural part of Team Trivalo and will continue to work for several years with existing and new customers, in deliveries such as audits, trainings and the LCP program.



Contact persons:


Mats Eliasson, Trivalo

+46 703 77 90 90


Henrik Nyström, Trivalo

+46 704 41 96 18


Leo Hagberg, OEE Consultants
+46 705 18 22 27


Tomas Henriksson, OEE Consultants
+46 705 18 22 26